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Upload funny Nigerian videos and keep the entertainment endless. Also join in our monthly Nigeria funny videos competition to win great prizes.
Upload Instructions

Ensure You Submit:

  • Videos that are ORIGINAL!
  • Videos that are FUNNY!
  • Your HIGHEST QUALITY Videos!
  • Videos with NO BACKGROUND music!
  • Videos with NO WATERMARKS!
  • Videos with NO SWEAR or HARSH/VIOLENT words!
  • Videos containing NO ADULT contents!

Do Not Submit:

  • Any illegal material.
  • Copyrighted Videos.
  • Videos not meant for All Audience. See Parental Ratings for better understanding.
  • Please do not add graphics or music to your clips.


Maximum upload: 2GB per video.
Please submit your highest quality video, 720x486 or 1280x720 resolution at 30 frames per second (fps).

Video length: Not more than 120 seconds

Video must be home-made not studio acted

Video formats:

  • mov
  • mpeg4
  • mp4
  • avi
  • wmv
  • mpegps
  • flv
  • 3gpp
  • xvid
  • divx