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Another Nigerian funny video series of Endtime Landlord by @nedu_wazobiafm featuring Husband material on Two aside, Monkey post.

In this episode, Oga landlord, the Endtime Landlord gets to rehearse on his bed skills so as to perfectly execute his mission since his lady was visiting. He attributes his bed skills to the likes of Romelu Lukaku since he was a good left winger.

His tenant, Husband material, on rejoicing with him and asking him if he could handle the big booty that came visiting got a shocker. He on trying to be an observer in the skills exhibition by his endtime landlord was halted and asked if he was a Howard Webb.

Endtime landlord, Oga Landlord outrightly alerted him the game at stake was a Two aside, Monkey post game.

Watch this and other series of Endtime Landlord on YouTube and follow Endtime landlord on Instagram: @nedu_wazobiafm.

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